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Total Reveal Tuesday: UAB Dance Marathon

Students at University of Alabama at Birmingham made great use of their “extra” Leap Day! On February 29, the annual UAB Dance Marathon was held in Center Court of UAB’s Campus Rec Center. Students danced and got to meet “Miracle Kids”– patients who have been treated at Children’s of Alabama. The event celebrated the student organization’s year-long fundraising efforts. At the end of the marathon, students revealed that they had raised $6150.20 For The Kids! This is an INCREDIBLE 242% increase from their 2019 Dance Marathon!

As the primary site of UAB’s pediatric medicine, surgery, research and residency programs, Children’s holds a special place in UAB students’ hearts. Children’s is so grateful that the UAB campus chooses to support the pediatric hospital right in its “backyard.” Thank you, UAB Dance Marathon, for this dramatic fundraising increase and your sustained efforts to raise awareness for Children’s of Alabama on your campus. Our patients are lucky to have you!