Miracle Monday – Meet Elijah!

Tim and Tara Cooper from Hattiesburg, Mississippi adopted Elijah from China when he was only 9 days old. He was born with a cleft palate and also experienced hearing problems due to an ear infection and fluid buildup. The Cooper’s felt compelled and inspired to adopt a child with health challenges and this is what led them to Elijah.

The Cooper’s were informed that it is a possibility that Elijah would need multiple surgeries in the future, but they weren’t quite sure why. They They contacted Dr. Jennifer Chambers with the International Adoption Clinic at Children’s of Alabama to evaluate their options. Dr. Chambers helped them prepare for all the different things that may be expected and she helped clarify anything that may be understood.

The full adoption process took 2 years until Elijah could come home to the United States with them. Tara explains how hard it must be for Elijah – being a 2 year old that doesn’t speak your language, has a hard time hearing, and has never seen a Caucasian. The Cooper’s began teaching and using sign language to ease their communication process with Elijah.

Tara says that adoption has been hardest gift she has ever received, but also the greatest gift. “Several people say he is so lucky, but I say no, we are the lucky ones. He has definitely blessed us more than we have blessed him!”

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