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Miracle Monday-Dade Strickland

Four-year-old Dade Strickland’s biggest battle started before he was born when doctors discovered a hole in his diaphragm and underdeveloped lungs on an ultrasound. Shortly after birth, Dade was transferred to Children’s for a rescue therapy called Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation– known as ECMO. Dade was placed on ECMO twice and now he’s thriving. Visit the link for his Miracle Monday story.

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Superheros come in all shapes and sizes. This one – isn’t even tall enough yet to reach the monkey bars. “He’s just like any little boy should be – wide open, running around in circles,” DJ Strickland, Dade’s Dad said. For 4 year old Dade Strickland – his biggest battle — started before he w…