“My Why Wednesday” from patient mom, Christie Butler

We are the Butler family, Christie and Sean with children Brayden (11) and Joscelyn (6).  In 2014, our son Brayden (BB) had an accident that resulted with a Traumatic Brain Injury and Hemorrhagic Stroke. BB was airlifted to Children’s Hospital of Alabama (COA) and as soon as we hit the doors the staff immediately embraced him and made us feel as if he were the only patient.  The accident changed our lives but the staff at COA helped us through the process. While in the hospital the Dr.’s, nurses, teachers, therapist and Child Life Center all played a huge part in BB’s recovery. The nurses constantly made sure we were all comfortable while attending to BB and other patients. The therapist’s (PT, OT & Speech) worked hard at coming up with new techniques to keep BB’s interest and consistently encouraged him to keep up the good work. Child Life made an impression the first time they stepped foot in his room.  Tasha & Chris are two people that BB will never forget and made a huge impact on his stay in COA. The Rehab floor was amazing to BB, and Dr. Mendoza (Dr. Lala) is the piece that completes our new life. We continue to see to Dr. Mendoza and I’m always amazed that she remembers the details of BB’s life whether it prior to the accident information or since our last visit. She is always knowledgeable of new things we might want to try or consider as it relates to BB’s recovery. As BB grows he experiences some physical regression in some areas and will go back to OT for refreshers.  Karen (OT) works endlessly to find different things for Brayden to do so that he will not get bored and encourage him to continue working toward a complete recovery.


It is difficult for BB to compete in many sports today but we are thankful that COA gives him other outlets to improve himself. Every time he speaks to a group of people he grows a little more in a way that he may not get in his day to day life. COA also has invited him to special events that make him feel special and teaches him ways that he can use his injury and experience to help others.



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